About Braddock Road Volleyball Club

Braddock Road Mission

Since 2007, Braddock Road Volleyball Club has had the mission to provide an exceptional club volleyball experience to hard-working, motivated and dedicated young volleyball players by providing them with experienced, knowledgeable and supportive coaches with the goal of maximizing their potential in the sport of volleyball and in life.

Braddock Road Story

Braddock Road Volleyball Club was founded in 2007 as a single-team, community volleyball club. The founders, Mark Thompson and Bryan Davis, recognized a need to provide an exceptional club volleyball experience at a reasonable cost. Since 2007, Braddock Road Volleyball Club, also known as BRYC Volleyball Club, has grown rapidly. We now offer multiple teams for girls and boys in ages 12s - 18s.

In 2013, we expanded the club by adding National teams to increase the level of competition our teams face during the season and to provide more opportunities for players interested in playing collegiate volleyball. This expansion allows us to provide more options for volleyball players and families, while continuing to provide the same exceptional club volleyball experience at a reasonable cost.

Our coaches are some of the best coaches in the area. The club provides our coaches opportunities for continuing education in order to stay current on coaching styles and methods. A large majority of our coaches have been with the club for over 5 years leading to a cohesion and unity among the coaches. Coaches will often guest coach for other teams during practices and tournaments providing players with a wealth of volleyball and athletic training. They are all exceptional teachers of the sport of volleyball and are committed to providing an unsurpassed club volleyball experience.

Braddock Road Vision

The vision for Braddock Road Volleyball is to continue to provide an exceptional club volleyball experience by emphasizing hard work, commitment, discipline and competition. Our focus is on providing individual and team development based on these core principles, a rigorous strength and conditioning program and sound technical instruction. We expect our players to be motivated and enthusiastic about volleyball while constantly improving every time they step in the gym. Our players will compete for every point in every match no matter who the opponent and whatever the score.

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