What's New for 2017

Training Facilities

Braddock Road Volleyball has extended our contract the Merritt Academy in Fairfax. This will continue to supplement the Fairfax County Public Schools gyms allocated to us by the county and provide enough gym time to train our athletes properly.

Strength & Agility Training Program

Braddock Road Volleyball will be continuing our relationship with SAPT to provide our athletes with the best strength and agility training available. Our players have seen tremendous results with SAPT and we are fortunate to have such a great partner providing this training for our players.

For the 14 through 17 National teams, we will continue the program from last season to provide two individual training session per week with SAPT coaches at one of the SAPT facilities. These individual sessions will be scheduled by the player to meet their personal needs. An individual program will be developed for each player to maximize individual performance results.

This program is included in the fees with no additional expense for the 14-National, 15-National, 16-National and 17-National Girls teams. Players on any of our other teams will have access to the same program on an opt-in basis. Once selected for a team, please let your coach know you're interested.

Girls Program

Building on the implementation of a National Team level in our program, Braddock Road Volleyball Club plans to offer a National team at the Girls 13 through 17 divisions. These teams will compete in tournaments with a higher level of competition, including the Atlantic Coast Power League, and travel a greater distance to tournaments than our American teams of the same age group.

Most National and American team tryouts for a single age group will be held at different times but some may be held together. National team selections will need to be completed before American team selections can be finalized. National teams offers will be given only to players who attend the regularly scheduled tryout. We do our best to deconflict tryouts with other clubs but there will ultimately be some conflicts. If you want to receive an offer from our National team, please plan to attend our regularly scheduled tryout. Please see our Tryout Information Page for more details.

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