Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When are tryouts?
Answer: Tryouts for the 12/13's divisions are in early November. Tryouts for 14-18's division are in mid-November. Tryout schedules are posted around late-September/early-October.

Question: How much does it cost to play?
Answer: The cost varies from team to team. Fees depend on the amount of travel and level of play for a given team. Here is the link to our current fees.

Question: What is the difference between National and American teams?
Answer: There are a number of key differences between National and American teams.
  • Level of Play - National teams will compete in the USA or Open division USAV Qualifiers and usually at the Open level at non-qualifier events. Open is the most competitive level of CHRVA region, USAV and AAU play. American teams will compete in some multi-day events (example, Capitol Classic) at the club level, and their schedule will consist of more local tournaments. If/When participating in a USAV National Qualifier event, these teams will compete in the American Division.
  • Level of Commitment - National teams require a higher level of commitment in terms of time and finance. National teams will be allocated additional practice time and participate in more tournament days. The National teams will also travel farther and more frequently than American teams and thus the fee for National teams will be significantly more than the American team of the same age group.

Question: How do I know if I should tryout for the National or American Team?
Answer: While we don't want to discourage anyone from striving to excel to their potential, ask yourself these questions when determining if you should tryout for a National team:
  • When you play with other players your same age, are you more skilled, less skilled or about the same skill level as the rest of the players? If you are more skilled than many other players your age, the National Team tryouts are a good place to test yourself.
  • Are you and your family able to make the time and financial commitment?
* Please note that the selection process for the National Team will be much more stringent and playing time during the tryout will not be equal.

Question: Should I register for both National and American tryouts if I want to tryout for both teams?
Answer: If you are interested in trying out for both, please register for the National Team tryouts ONLY. If you do not receive an offer to join the National Team, we will make sure you get on the American Team tryout list. Just be sure to keep your tryout bib with your number as that will be your ticket to get into the American Team tryouts without having to pay a second time.

Question: If I do not make the National Team will I have to tryout for the American Team and will I have to pay any additional fees for the American tryout?
Answer: If you are not selected for the National team, you will need to participate in the American tryout as well if you wish to be considered for that team. The good news is, we will not charge you a second tryout fee. Just keep the bib with your tryout number provided at the National tryouts and that will be your 'ticket' into the American Team tryouts.

Question: What is included with the fees?
Answer: Tournament entry fees (Number of tournaments vary by team), Hotel Accommodations for players and coaches during travel tournaments, gym rentals, 2-3 practices per week, Training Equipment, Two Jerseys, Spirit Wear/Warm-ups, Practice T-Shirts, College Recruiting Services, and Coach's Stipends. The fee for the SAPT strength and conditioning program is also included for selected teams. See our Fees Page for more detailed information.

Question: How many practices per week and what time are they?
Answer: Each team has two 1.5-2 hour practices per week M-F. A third practice is offered on weekend for specialty skills training. We get gyms between 6:00pm and 10:00pm during the weekday. Weekend gym time varies based on gym availability.

Question: Where are practices?
Answer: The gyms we use are provided by Fairfax County Parks and Recreation. They are along the Braddock Road vicinity. Laurel Ridge ES, Kings Glen ES, Little Run ES, Poe MS, Irving MS, Frost MS, Lake Braddock SS and Robinson SS. New for the 2015 season, we've added Merritt Academy in Fairfax.

Question: Where are the tournaments?
Answer: Single day tournaments are in the Washington DC area usually a 30-60 minutes drive. Multi-day tournaments usually require overnight hotel accomodations. Travel distance varies from team to team, it could be 2-4 hours or more.

Question: How long is the season?
Answer: The season is about 7 months long. Tryouts are in November and the final tournament is usually around the end of May.

Question: Can a player play up in an age division?
Answer: We try to discourage playing up so we can keep every division as strong possible. However, each situation will be carefully evaluated to determine the best course of action for the player. Our policy for playing up can be found at here.

Question: If I am a returning player and already have a jersey, can I receive a reduced fee?
Answer: Uniform fees are included in the cost to play. Players will receive new uniforms every year.

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